-For Immediate Release- May 9, 2017


MISSISSAUGA, ONT. – Nora Brozo reflects on personal experience to share the transformative insights she gained through finding God in her newly published autobiography – Nora Trims Her Lamp, (Tellwell Publishing.) 

Brozo, who characterizes herself as a “a lost soul, a little lady from a tiny island in the small country” describes her journey from living in spiritual darkness, to finding a big God, to share how He can transform the seemingly insignificant to become remarkably important.

She says her experiences aren’t extraordinary, but rather natural cycles of life. From losing her dear son, to living apart from her spouse and the pain, tears and sadness in between, Brozo wants to share the light that came out of her grief.

Dedicated to share God and His work with others, Brozo has participated in missionary journeys to Africa, Ukraine, Cuba and India. She is also a member of the Pan American Global Broadcasting group, sharing the Word of God through her radio show “The Redeeming Voice Radio Ministry International Broadcast.”

ABOUT THE AUTHOR – Nora Brozo was a Registered Nurse by profession, and recently retired to devote more time to her spiritual journey triggered by her newfound faith in God. Read more about her efforts to spread the Word of God here. More info:  

Nora Trims Her Lamp is now out through Tellwell Publishing (RRP $13.00 USD)

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